Throw a Fabulous Holiday Party at The Clubhouse

Is the annual family Christmas party going to happen at your house this year? Or, maybe your sister would like to host since she just bought a new place downtown? When the holidays come around, the honor of hosting Holiday meals can be just as fun as it is exhausting.

If different members of your family have long been “passing the torch” to see whose home is next, then maybe this is the year to give everyone a break and have a holiday party at The Clubhouse. Whether it’s for big family meals, corporate celebrations, or a “Friendsgiving”, our restaurants’ private and semi-private dining areas can make your next holiday party a snap, and fun for everyone.

Private Dining Spaces

A Variety of Accommodations

The Clubhouse has unique rooms and arrangements that can satisfy parties of all sizes. We have seating areas that can host up to 160 people and beyond, and if you need multiple rooms, just ask! If you want to throw a large corporate party, we can also do entire restaurant buyouts. There are also small private rooms that can be the perfect place for an intimate family dinner.

Stress-Free Setup Without the Cleanup

Hosting holiday parties at your company or home does give you the “home turf” advantage of carrying on into the wee hours of the night, but the host is usually pegged with the burdens of early setup and post-party cleanup. However, when you have your party at The Clubhouse, you’ll have a paid team of professionals who will do these tasks for you.

We can also help with decorating. When you set up your event with our private dining team, simply tell them what you need. We have plenty of linens and tableware on hand, but if you wanted to put up specific centerpieces or decorations, simply leave them with us in advance. We’ll set it up for you so you can arrive at your party relaxed and ready to have some fun.

There are also plenty of pre-made catering packages on our private dining menu to ease your meal-planning process. Options range from a simple luncheon to a fancy multi-course dinner. We’re flexible too. You can always customize the menu or have special plates made for guests with dietary restrictions. We’ll be happy to suit the meal to your exact taste.

A Delicious Thanksgiving Buffet

If you want to take it easy this year for Turkey Day, then sign up for our delicious Thanksgiving buffet. Reservations are filling up quickly, so contact us today to secure your spot. The buffet takes place on November 23rd, from 9 am to 7 pm. Meals are $49.95 for adults, $24.95 for kids ages 6-12, and free for kids 5 and under.

Host Your Next Holiday Party at The Clubhouse

Booking a private event is easy when you can fill out this convenient online form anytime. You can also reach our private dining team by phone. For the best chance of getting the accommodations and date you want, you should reserve your event in advance.

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