The Clubhouse: An Allergy-Friendly, Fine Dining Restaurant

Living with food allergies is no fun, especially if you love fine dining and have problems finding an allergy-friendly restaurant. For a long time, there was no such thing as an allergy-friendly restaurant, only a smattering of places whose owner or chef got to know their guests with allergies, and worked to create dishes they could eat without worry.

Addressing Special Diet Restrictions

Today, it isn’t unusual to have guests with special dietary restrictions, whether they are allergic to nuts or dairy, or have chosen a vegan lifestyle. Those guests typically notify their server of any special requirements they have, or allergies promptly.

The service-staff at The Clubhouse, in concert with the kitchen staff, are happy to work with guests and advise them on suitable options, making sure they have the excellent fine dining experience they anticipated.

Often, the solution is a simple substitution in ingredients, elimination of a troublesome item, or a more creative solution suggested by the service or kitchen staff, together with careful preparation in order to satisfy not only the palate but keep the dish within the boundary necessary to maintain our guests’ health.

Gluten-Free Menu Available

When it comes to the gluten-free guest, The Clubhouse has put together a gluten-free menu that includes a wide variety of items, all specially prepared and served to guests who request assistance meeting their dietary requirements.

Items on the gluten-free menu show the same dedication to top-quality ingredients and excellent preparation methods found on the regular menu. At a glance, no one would know they are designed to be gluten-free.

One particular item, an appetizer, Carpaccio of Portobello Mushroom, includes the mushroom thinly sliced with parmesan cheese, goat cheese cream, balsamic glaze, and pickled red onion.

Of the more than 25 items on this menu, there is a wide variety, ranging from homemade soups and fresh salads to Kobe beef burgers and steaks with toppings such as bleu cheese butter, roasted wild mushrooms or garlic butter, and a variety of fish and seafood options.

Among the seafood, guests can choose from tilapia, grilled fish, or salmon, and they are paired with the guests’ choice of side dishes. Some of those are red-skin mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, steamed asparagus with herb aioli, and broccoli with roasted garlic butter.

Desserts have not been overlooked and include a vanilla bean crème brulee, trio of sorbet, and seasonal berries.

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All You Need to Do is Ask

The Clubhouse is pleased to offer our guests a dining experience that addresses allergy-free, gluten-free, or special dietary needs and a service staff that goes the extra mile.

If you or someone in your party is in need of special assistance in preparing a dish that meets their particular needs, please be sure to ask. The service staff and kitchen will make sure they clearly understand what the allergy or requirement is, and work to meet your expectations.

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