Springtime Calls for Parties & Showers

Birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers are all memorable milestones in life that ought to be celebrated. Finding a venue that can handle the headcount and make planning easy is a must. After all, when you don’t have to spend hours setting up and cleaning up after a party at your own house, things are far more enjoyable. For your next big event, let The Clubhouse cater and host so you can relax.

Birthday Parties

Each year marks another time to celebrate a special someone’s entry into the world. Birthday parties can often be stressful to coordinate, especially if you have to find a venue only to order food from another (or even cook yourself). If you have hosted at your house, you know that rearranging the furniture, grabbing the food, and rushing to get the cake and decorations are big hassles.

But when you have a birthday party at The Clubhouse, everything is done under one roof. We have many private dining rooms at our Oak Brook restaurant that can accommodate different themes, moods, and head counts. You won’t be alone with the setup and teardown either. Our private events staff will be available to assist you so you won’t be cleaning for hours after your guests have gone.

Bridal & Baby Showers

Bridal and baby showers are definitively more formal than birthday parties because they don’t happen too frequently in a person’s life. Therefore, if you want to give it more pizzazz and fanfare, choose an upscale location. This spring, The Clubhouse has the right mood and environment to make your next shower an exquisite and organized event that fits the occasion.

Catering & Seating Options

The Clubhouse has plenty of seating options that can be private or semi-private. We can also do a whole restaurant buyout if your event needs to accommodate many guests. If you’re ever in question if we can host your party, simply give us a call and tell us what you want to do. Rest assured that whether it’s just a small party of 10 or even a couple hundred people, we have you covered and the seating environments that would work for your vision.

We also have pre-set plans so you won’t have to spend a lot of time deciding what gets served in price ranges that can match diverse budgets.

Have Your Next Party or Shower at The Clubhouse

To book your next party, go to our private events page. You’ll then be asked for your contact information and event details. Within one business day or sooner, our private dining team will contact you and get you set up.

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