Searching for the Best Sunday Brunch?

Do you spend your weekday mornings in a rush, grabbing something to eat while you quickly get yourself ready for another day? Do you often find yourself multitasking, sipping a cup of coffee at the computer, or devouring a drive-through breakfast burrito at a red light? The Clubhouse understands that hard-working people like you may think a luxurious breakfast can feel like an elusive dream.

We know that after sleeping in on your precious weekend, you may find that many restaurants have stopped serving breakfast. Though you’re hungry for breakfast at 10:30 or 11:00 am, most places are gearing up for lunch. What you’re craving are hot fluffy waffles covered in syrup with a side of eggs and bacon. What your body wants is a slow and luxurious start to the day where all your brunch dreams can finally come true. What you need is The Clubhouse’s Sunday Brunch.

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The Quest for the Best Sunday Brunch

What does the best Sunday brunch have that other meals don’t? Variety and quality. You can certainly go somewhere that “does it all” but does nothing well. You can fill your plate with their offerings only to pick at mediocre items that you don’t end up finishing. However, we believe that eating out shouldn’t just be about filling your stomach. It should feed your soul with good experiences.

Sub-par brunches offer “fresh frozen” pancakes and waffles, packaged yogurt, and lukewarm eggs. Eating at these places may fill you up, but the joy that comes from a quality meal isn’t likely to follow. It’s worth it to dine at The Clubhouse for a brunch experience that’s a cut above the others.

A Flavor for Every Palate in the Right Atmosphere

The best Sunday brunch will suit the tastes of everyone in your party. At our seafood and raw bar, you’ll find oysters on the half shell and sweet crab legs. Your vegan and vegetarian friends will delight in the fresh seasonal fruit and salad bar, while anyone with a sweet tooth will certainly make a stop at the chocolate fountain. You can get a chef-inspired spread that has everything you could possibly want—and it’s all done to perfection. We’re talking about great coffee, freshly cut meats, omelets made to order, hot pancakes, fresh pasta, light pastries and tarts, and hand-crafted cocktails to make your early afternoon even better.

The cool, modern interiors of our restaurants set the stage for a relaxing meal. The exquisitely folded napkins and pressed tablecloths are waiting for you to savor this multi-coursed buffet at your leisure. So sit back, catch up with those you care about, and take pleasure in the slowness of a Sunday morning.

Enjoy the Best Sunday Brunch at The Clubhouse

Our Brunch is well-known for its quality, so it’s best to secure your table through making a reservation. Come experience an outstanding first meal that will make up for all your rushed weekday mornings.

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