What Makes the Best Seafood Dinner?

Is there anything better than going out to a fine dining restaurant? Your go-to place for an amazing meal is The Clubhouse. Our classic and new American entrées are unparalleled in quality, and our chefs are experts at cooking everything to perfection. Though steak and red wine are definitely one way to go, getting that perfectly cooked slice of salmon or a sweet crab cake can also make an exquisite evening meal. Here are the characteristics of the best seafood dinner.

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Seafood Staples

What separates a mediocre seafood dish from an entrée that’s handcrafted at a fine dining restaurant?

It’s not over or under-cooked. For example, our perfectly cooked shrimp will be firm on the outside yet supple and flavorful inside. Salmon should never be overdone. Otherwise, it’ll be dry and gummy, losing the richness of the fresh flavor contained in its soft flakes of meat. Expertly seared Ahi tuna should come out rare and with the right complimentary flavors to highlight its delicate taste.

It’s seasoned just right. The right balance of seasonings will enhance the flavor of the seafood— not overpower it. Seafood is naturally flavorful and only needs complimentary flavors to bring out new depths of its great taste. Seafood that’s cooked correctly doesn’t need powerful seasonings to compensate for any overcooked blandness. Our world-class chefs know how to bring out the best in seafood without ruining its integrity.

It’s fresh. Fresh seafood won’t have a “fishy” smell or taste, but instead will have the delicate and fresh out-of-the-sea flavor that can’t be replicated. Other places may use sub-par ingredients, but our standards are a cut above the rest. Come taste the real thing when you dine with us.

Great Drink Pairings

Another dimension to your meal is pairing your seafood with the right drinks. The wrong drink can actually throw off your palate and alter the taste of your food! Our wine list is specially curated to only offer the best selections, while our mixed drinks also make great compliments to your seafood meal.

Try one of our incredible white wines like a Sauvignon Blanc, or choose a mixed drink with gin or whiskey for something with more of a bite. A wide variety of drinks can compliment seafood entrées, so whenever you’re in doubt, ask your server for their personal recommendations.

After Dinner Treats

Who doesn’t want a palate cleanser after a great meal? Our “after dinner” menu will sweeten your tongue and round out the meal to an epic conclusion. Whether you get the trio of sorbet to cool down your throat, the fresh seasonal berries served with whipped cream, or sip on a satisfying espresso, you’re destined for a perfect change in tempo to end the night.

Enjoy Fine Dining

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