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When you’re hungry for lunch, brunch, dinner, cocktails, or light bites, where do you go for consistently great food and drinks? The Clubhouse in Oak Brook has been a local favorite for over two decades. We only serve the best entrées and handcrafted cocktails so that you know you’re getting a quality experience.

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The Clubhouse Difference

Too often we see chain restaurants that want to treat their customers like an assembly line. They churn out cookie-cutter meals that are prepared with only profits as their goal. Crafting a quality experience is far from their thoughts.

We’re different

Everything on our menu has been created with you in mind. From the first greeting to when we hand you the check, everything in our restaurant was meant to be more than just a pit stop to fill you up. It’s meant to be a fine dining experience—regardless of the time of day.

Luncheon & Small Plates

Lunch is probably the most overlooked meal of the day. While more restaurants are starting to market midday meals as an in-and-out ordeal with mediocre and speedy platters, we’re holding our ground. Our portions are perfectly suited for lunch. And though they’re naturally sent out with more expedience than an evening entree, we aren’t turning our lunch service into a fast food run.

When you take your midday break with us, you should feel at ease. Sit down and set your to-do list to the side for a half hour. Recharge and eat. It’s important to nourish your body to relieve stress before you go back to the daily grind. Even our small plates are meticulously made and intended to delight.

Fine Dining by Night

Our fine dining menu is a quintessential crowd pleaser. American classics like steak, mashed potatoes, and seafood platters await you. This isn’t meant to be a dinner service where you stuff your face with quantity. Instead, we want to show you quality.

Ease yourself into the night by ordering your first drink and a starter soup or salad with an appetizer. Then, wait for your entrée. Good things take time, but while you wait, the complex flavors of your starters and drinks will keep your appetite at bay. When the main event comes, you’ll know it was worth the wait. Don’t forget to finish off everything with one of our amazing desserts or a refreshing glass of port!

Sunday Brunch

Brunch is another event to look forward to, and it only happens once a week. That’s because breakfast is often rushed during the morning commute and in the chaos of getting the kids ready for school. However, on Sunday, it’s time to take it slow and savor the best of both worlds: delicious breakfast foods and lunch items in the same place. The best part is that it’s ready on the buffet! It’s also highly recommended that you enjoy our brunch service with one of our signature cocktails.

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