A Restaurant for a Special Occasion

Special occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays bring different things to mind for different people. Some think of gifts, flowers, or candy while others think of a break from the normal routine and a time to head out and go somewhere special, someplace they don’t go on a day-to-day basis.

Give the Gift of Time

Giving the gift of time can be among the most appreciated. It doesn’t mean wrapping a box and putting a bow on top, although that certainly adds to any special occasion. It means relieving someone of the time they normally spend on routine tasks, such as cooking a meal.

Taking a loved one to a restaurant means no making up shopping lists, no driving to the store and battling the crowds, no lugging in shopping bags or putting away groceries. It means someone else is doing the prep work, the baking, seasoning the main dish, and putting the final touches on a salad. Having someone do that for you is a surefire way to earn their appreciation, and maybe a few brownie points.

A Gift of Elegance

Bringing your family member or friend to The Clubhouse means they can put on their new outfit, the new jewelry, and try out that new hairstyle without feeling like they’re overdressed. Instead, you’ll find yourselves laughing and talking, eating, drinking and teasing your way through the evening, feeling like a million bucks.

The Gift of a New Experience

As you pull up to a restaurant for the first time there’s a sense of excitement, wondering what you’ll find when you walk inside the door. When you walk in, the high, coffered ceilings, the sweeping staircase, and the warm, sumptuous décor surrounds you.

After being warmly greeted and seated at a table with a linen tablecloth and napkins, your server arrives to make sure you are promptly served and the drinks, appetizers and entrée are perfectly prepared and served.

Seeing to every detail, the kitchen and wait staff at The Clubhouse will make sure that this experience hits the top of your list. Special occasions, after all, deserve special treatment and this is the perfect place for that.

Return to Relive Memories

Part of making memories is being able to return to them, not only through pictures and moments from the past that you hug close in your memory, but being able to relive them. Finding the perfect special occasion restaurant with a long history of customers who come back time after time, building memories, and making it a point to include The Clubhouse in their plans.

Come to The Clubhouse for your special occasions, make memories, and come back to relive them. It’s the place where you belong, and your loved ones will be thrilled to say, “That’s my favorite restaurant!”

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