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The Village of Oak Brook is a historic community located just 19 miles from the Chicago Loop. Its residents enjoy plentiful employment because some of the nation’s top employers have set up their headquarters here. Oak Brook is a predominantly residential area with some high-end shopping destinations. There are also great restaurants and fun recreational activities available like golf, tennis, and polo.

Overall, residents here have a high quality of life since they’re conveniently located to where they live, work and play. The restaurants in Oak Brook, in particular, reflect the sophisticated taste and high standards of the community. Not just any ordinary chain restaurant will do. Instead, residents of this community prefer high-quality meals prepared by expert chefs—where the courses can be savored.

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The Fine Dining Experience

When you choose to eat at a fine dining restaurant in Oak Brook, you’re in store for an exquisite event. Each entrée on the menu is intentional and prepared only with the best ingredients available. There’s no such thing as frozen or microwaved when it comes to the fine dining experience. Instead, great meals take time because they’re worth the careful preparation to make them perfect.

In fact, this is part of the fine dining experience. While you wait for the main event, order a signature cocktail or glass of wine. Satisfy a bit of your hunger with an appetizer like a refreshing soup or salad, or even some tender bacon-wrapped scallops. Treating your palate to many courses is the quintessential hallmark of the elite dining experience. After your main course, don’t forget an espresso, port, or dessert to make everything feel complete.

Great Service

Casual dining involves inconsistent service that can either be too frequent or nearly non-existent. However, the staff at a fine dining restaurant are all highly trained professionals who know what makes the best gastronomic experience. As you’re served, you’ll notice that only the necessary cues will summon the attention of the wait staff. You may barely notice a quiet refill or the subtle removal of your appetizer plates before the main course arrives.

You’ll also find that there’s no need to wave your hands or call out to get your server’s attention. Nor will you be interrupted frequently, especially if you’re having an engrossing conversation. To put it simply, our staff has been thoroughly educated on the best practices of great restaurant service. They’ll put everything they know to use for every guest so that your fine dining experience is elegant and seamless.

Enjoy a Great Restaurant in Oak Brook: The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse embodies everything fine dining stands for. If you want to eat at one of the best restaurants in Oak Brook, then look no further. Our dinner services are always a big hit, so making a reservation online is highly recommended. You can also call our Oak Brook at 630.472.0600. We can’t wait to show you an amazing fine dining experience in Chicagoland.

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