A Full-Service Restaurant Still Shines

The “fast casual” dining trend, a sort of gray area between fast food and full-service, has taken off in large part due to millennials’ desire for higher-quality food in a quick service environment.

However, there are certain events and experiences for which fast casual simply won’t do, from birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries to first dates and similar celebratory occasions. Other times, you may just want to treat yourself to attentive service and high-end food and cocktails after a tough day at the office. Read on for three times you’ll definitely want to seek a full-service dining experience.

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When You Need To Relax

A tough day (or week) at the office or multiple competing demands on your time can leave you drained. The thought of cooking dinner yourself may be unappealing, but for many, the idea of hitting a drive-through or standing in line at a crowded fast casual restaurant doesn’t seem much more relaxing.

By visiting a full service, fine dining restaurant instead, you won’t need to handle anything more taxing than choosing an entree, drink, or dessert. These decisions can be made even easier with the assistance of your knowledgeable and experienced server, who can answer questions about ingredients and preparation methods or make food and beverage recommendations based on your likes, dislikes, and appetite. You’ll leave the restaurant satiated and relaxed, ready to tackle whatever awaits you.

When You Want Something Out Of The Ordinary

One reason behind the popularity of fast food and fast casual restaurants is their predictability. The majority of these restaurants are franchises, which means the burrito you order in San Francisco will look and taste exactly like the same burrito you ordered in Des Moines.

When you want to experience new (or new-to-you) foods and preparation methods–or simply take advantage of the ability to try something that would be too complex or time-intensive to cook at home–a full-service restaurant is your best bet. Even all-American fare like that found at The Clubhouse can offer something unique and delicious, from the Clubhouse Meatloaf Sundae to the Orange Basil Salmon.

When You’re Celebrating

For celebratory occasions like graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and first dates, the restaurant’s atmosphere is just as important as the quality of the food. Regardless of whether you have a good or bad time, the memories of this event will live on, so selecting a restaurant that prides itself on the highest level of service can help you ensure the best experience possible. Depending on the event you’re celebrating and the size of your group, you may want to consider selecting a private dining room that will allow you to enjoy your meal in relative privacy.

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating an achievement or just want to sip on an award-winning cocktail, The Clubhouse is likely to have what you’re looking for. The next time the thought of grabbing a fast casual or fast food meal has you wanting more, visit The Clubhouse in its Schaumburg or Oak Brook locations.

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